First Visit

Complimentary Consultation

At your first visit to Harrison Orthodontics, a complete clinical exam will be performed which will include a review of your medical/dental history, an examination of your teeth and bite, an estimation of treatment time, and fees if appropriate.

Diagnostic records are made to determine the best course of treatment. Complete diagnostic records typically include photos of the patient’s face and teeth, and digital X-rays and plaster study models of the teeth needed. This information is used to develop a custom treatment plan for each patient. These records are also helpful in tracking the progress of treatment as the teeth move under orthodontic care.

At your first visit to Harrison Orthodontics, you will be greeted by our Treatment Coordinator who will do the following:

  • Give a brief tour of our office, introducing you some of our awesome team
  • Obtain and review your Medical and Dental history along with your main concerns for Orthodontic Treatment
  • Take photos of your face and teeth and take a 3-D digital x-ray scan of your face and jaws. Our digital scanner provides the latest in x-ray technology so that you will receive only a fraction of the radiation you receive from “regular” dental x-rays

Dr. Harrison will then:

  • Provide a complete examination of your mouth, teeth, and facial structures and evaluate your photographs and 3-D scan
  • Review these with you and discuss any treatment options you may have and his recommendations for treatment, if treatment is indicated. He will gladly answer any questions you may have concerning his proposed treatment

Afterward, our Treatment Coordinator will:

  • Answer any questions you may have about braces, aligners, or any other appliances recommended
  • She will present the cost of treatment including any estimated insurance coverage you may have
  • And will work with you to create a payment plan that is best suited to fit within your budget

Our Complimentary New Patient Examination will take about an hour, so please schedule your time accordingly.


The appointments to place your appliances (braces, expanders, aligners, etc.) are usually longer, taking about an hour. Placing them is relatively easy. No shots or needles necessary! We will also spend time reviewing how to brush your teeth and take care of your appliances in addition to reviewing certain foods you should be careful about eating.
Regular adjustment appointments are typically every 5 to 8 weeks and take 20 to 40 minutes.

Financing for Treatment

Our goal at Harrison Orthodontics is to make orthodontic treatment affordable for you and your family.  To help you reach this goal, we offer several payment options:

  • Fee reduction for payment in full at the start of treatment
  • No interest financing with a low initial payment and low monthly payments
  • Courtesy reduction for other family members receiving treatment

As an added convenience, we also offer automatic drafting of your monthly fees from your checking account or credit card.


We will gladly check your insurance benefits to see if you have orthodontic coverage.  If so, that coverage will be applied to your overall fee, so that your out-of-pocket costs are lowered accordingly.  Once you are in treatment, we will gladly file for and accept payment benefits directly from your insurance company.  Please know that we do not determine what your benefits are.  Your benefits are determined by your insurance plan.