Harrison Orthodontics is a great place to get worked on. The staff is amazingly nice, and Dr. Harrison is really nice too. Also, their office looks very professional and organized and neat. I would make this my #1 recommendation to anyone who wants to get braces (etc.) Great job, Harrison Ortho!

Kinley D.

We met Dr Harrison in July 2008. We had our consult and determined that braces were needed..... We walked out of that office knowing just how special Dr Harrison was. His office is about 40 minutes from us but we made the drive because we trusted him and his office staff. I would hear people ask questions and they would get up and go find out the answer for them. Great job!

Victoria H.

Moving here from Tennessee and not knowing anyone, we had 3 daughters needing orthodontic care and Dr. Harrison and his staff have been amazing! Our girls never dread going for their adjustments. There have been no surprises and being a busy mom they help me keep our children on task with their orthodontic care. Our family loves the encouragement the girls receive for good dental hygiene.One time one of our daughters had a wire to poke her cheek and she was upset and it was hurting. We were close by when it happened so we stopped in taking a chance. They were extremely compassionate for her and it was as big a deal to them as it was to her that she was hurting. They took her immediately to the back and fixed the problem! I could go on and on. Dr. Harrison and his staff are blessing!!! Thanks Dr. Harrison.


Dr. Harrison and staff is super. I would recommend Dr. Harrison to any body that is looking for a good and reputable orthodontist. The evening after he put braces on my son, he called to check on him then after each visit his staff explained how things were going and what was coming up next. Everyone in the office is nice and easy to deal with.


It is great! I got a kit full of things, and I got a t-shirt and a bag. I like all the games they have in the office. Within the first day, a gap in my teeth went away!


My first child has braces by Dr. Harrison. I shopped around quite a bit before making the decision and Dr. Harrison's prices were very reasonable. When it came time for the second, I didn't even shop around...just went straight to Dr. Harrison. His staff is friendly, appointments don't run late, and we love Dr. Harrison. He seems to truly care about the dental health of my kids but also tries to keep the cost manageable. I recommend him to everyone!